Q: What is a “green screen” video?

A: The term, “green screen”, refers to the background color behind the subject matter of a video.

Even though green is indeed the most common color of such backgrounds, other colors are also used. The color needs to be in maximum contrast to said subject matter.


Q: How is a green screen video used?

A: Such videos, called “chroma key”, have been used for decades in the movie industry, and some of the most viral videos on the Internet also have such techniques utilized in them – even the sky isn’t the limit when it comes to green screen videos!

The main premise of these videos is that the background in always a monochrome color, usually green, and can easily be removed leaving the subject matter untouched – which in turn can be placed on top of any other background which is revealed once the monochrome one is removed, thus allowing you to seamlessly place one video on another.

Check out this video to see it in action and understand how such videos can be beneficial for you:



Q: Why are there videos here that have a lot of chucks of stuff flying around in the background?

A: This whole website was created as part of a hobby project. Many videos are imperfect, but all are charming, and are totally free! 🙂

The production of these videos starts from totally regular videos from which the background needs to be stripped away. For that, a trained AI machine learning model background remover is used. It is not an in-house solution, so we constantly keep getting the newest version with whatever improvements.

The AI removes the background of videos, leaving the subject matter intact – sometimes stripping too much and sometimes leaving the aforementioned chunks of stuff. As it is humanly impossible to go through each frame of every video and manually fix such stuff, the result differs from video to video – some are cleaner and some are less.

Utilizing rather simple tasks in mainstream video editors can mask any such unneeded bits and pieces on your videos, so in this day and age, this really isn’t a problem.


Q: How are these videos made?

A: Well, as well as the the process described in the above question, there are quite a bit of other quite complex steps involved in making such videos, which we will not discuss at this point – let’s just say that a lot can be done with Photoshop 😉


Q: What software can I use to dress green screen videos on top of my own?

A: There are some great totally free video editors out there, that have all the features you need and are super easy to use.

We can recommend the free and open-source video editor Shotcut:


Here’s a quick video that shows how to put a green screen video on top of yours:



Q: Are these videos free to use, and can I download them?

A: Yes! Though please make sure you read and agree to our license and terms of service:


Each video page has a download link right under the video. All the videos also loop for your convenience 😀


Q: I have other questions?

A: Awesome, please contact us then: